Paul has been providing investigation and consulting services to Corporate Risks since December 2007. These services include high level fraud and employment investigations for insurance companies, corporate entities and government organisations, culminating in successful criminal prosecutions or conclusive outcomes for the client.

Paul specialises in fire factual, fraud and general investigations and has an in-depth knowledge of policy response. He has identified numerous claims where there has been an element of fraud, breaches of policy condition and/or liabilities. He has obtained admissions from insureds who have deliberately set fires themselves, leading to many declinatures, recoveries and prosecutions. Paul has conducted over 700 investigations and given evidence in Court in respect of some of these claims.

Paul’s successes during his time at Corporate Risks follows a distinguished career in the New Zealand Police where he attained the rank of Detective Sergeant in 1991, having completed a large number of complex investigations as he acted as OC CIB for long periods over 5 years. He also demonstrated his ability to work effectively in trauma situations as the second-in-charge of the Whanganui Armed Offenders Squad.

Paul left the Police in 1999 to set up his own company. Between 2000 and 2007 he contracted to the insurance industry and to the private sector. During this period, he investigated numerous claims – a number being identified as fraudulent. He completed fire factual investigations for insurers both in New Zealand and in the Pacific Islands.

Prior to joining the Corporate Risks team, Paul spent 7 months working throughout Papua New Guinea investigating major loss claims including public liability, fire factual, workers compensation, staff fidelity and general insurance claims. He has completed numerous risk assessments for both business and private premises.

Paul’s understanding of fire behaviour and fire development allows him to structure interviews to assist in  the identification of cause - and to establish any potential liability that may be relevant to the claim. He quickly identifies the issues, isolates key witnesses and provides invaluable assistance to the overall investigation process.



Factual Investigations
Fire Investigations
Covert Operations
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Qualified to Senior Sergeant Level - NZ Police