Diploma Advanced Systems Management
Microsoft Certified Development Partner
Certified Computer Examiner Stage 1




Systems Security Consulting and Auditing
Computer Forensics
Data Recovery and Repair


With more than thirty years in personnel management, sales and executive information technology positions, Martin has a highly valuable array of practical experience to offer our clients.

​With a focus on the application and analysis of information technology and security systems, his knowledge and expertise across a number of disciplines is often the vital factor in achieving repeated successful client outcomes.

He has previously developed a number of custom software applications, many of which continue to be used more than fifteen years after the initial rollout. Furthermore they continue in practical daily use without the need for ongoing updating and repair.

​This highly valuable asset has paid significant dividends in his applied disciplines of computer forensics, data analysis and transaction interpretation, systems and IT investigation, auditing and consulting, and data security and recovery.

​Martin has conducted a substantial number of investigations for high profile individuals and governmental and corporate organizations, with an outstanding track record in securing successful client outcomes. His presentation of evidence is accepted as expert evidence in District, Family and High Courts for either prosecution or defense counsels has often played a pivotal role in securing the desired adjudication results.

With a keen eye for future technology developments, Martin continues to bring an enthusiastic, energetic and dedicated presence to all his clients, irrespective of whether he is recovering treasured family photos from a crashed computer drive, performing covert evidence acquisition and analysis, or recovering vital evidence from a fire damaged computer.