The issue relating to investigations for insurance companies is somewhat separated from the general issues that may be important to a Police or Corporate Sector investigation.

The Wellington based Corporate Risks team recognise that it is how both parties respond to the policy that is likely in question.Accordingly, our Investigators ensure that they are familiar with the policy that is required to respond to a particular or given event. Such policies may include endorsements that may be relevant to the activities or actions of an insured, for example.

Our Specialist Wellington team has assisted a large number of the insurance companies over many years and have provided valuable information that allows Claim Technicians to promptly respond to any given claim.

It is imperative that our insurance clients have confidence in the abilities of our Investigators and as such, it has been long recognised that our Wellington based team are among the top insurance Investigators within New Zealand.

Although our Investigators are based in Wellington, the knowledge base and experience means that they are an excellent choice when it comes to appointing an appropriate Investigator - particularly when it relates to large loss and complex claims.

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