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When the Wellington based Corporate Risks team was established in 1997, it was set up primarily to support the government in what had been an environment lacking in the expertise to identify and manage large-scale investigations.

Since being established, Corporate Risks has been at the forefront of a number of major government sector investigations which include the leaking of sensitive and confidential material to the media or other interested parties. These investigations have required extensive resourcing which include our in-house computer forensic capability.

During our relationship with various government departments, Corporate Risks has been instrumental in guiding and advising various government departments on personal safety issues and have investigated and managed several high-profile events that have enabled design change and appropriate training to all staff.

Over the years Corporate Risks has provided an outstanding level of service to various government departments and accordingly, it is not surprising that a number of government departments have established their own in-house investigation capability and in some cases, recruiting the Corporate Risks Investigators into the government on a full-time basis. Although many government departments have established an investigation capability, Corporate Risks has continued to support those departments, working together with their internal investigation teams.