Wellington based Corporate Risks is New Zealand’s leading fire investigation company with dedicated Specialist Factual Investigators who have been specifically trained to investigate issues relating to fires.

Our Factual Investigators have amassed a vast experience base through national and international training seminars for fire investigators.  They have identified a significant number of fraudulent fire claims that would otherwise have gone undetected through conventional investigations. It is the knowledge base in the expertise of the Corporate Risks Investigators who have identified information that has led to not only the declinature of fraudulent claims - but the recovery of millions of dollars through third-party recovery action.

Their unique knowledge base and experience enables them to work closely with the Specialist Origin and Cause, Electrical and other experts without a need to be prompted or guided through the issues that are likely to be encountered in the unique field of fire investigation.

Our Investigators are based in Wellington but are equipped to travel anywhere in New Zealand, responding in a timely and professional manner.

Wellington based Corporate Risks is the only New Zealand company that provides specialised Fire Factual Investigators and who have attended specialised training which enables them to identify issues quickly and to promptly engage other experts before critical information is lost or destroyed.

Fire factual investigation