As was the case with the government sector in the late 1990s, Corporate Risks identified that there was a lack of expertise sitting in the private sector with many fraud inquiries being carried out by the accounting firms who, in many cases, had failed to identify the developing issue in the first instance.

Corporate Risks have assisted a large number of corporate sector clients in not only identifying large losses but assisting in preparing prosecution files, handing over to the Police and/or the recovery of large sums of money through civil litigation.

In addition to investigating issues of fraud and workplace misdemeanour, Corporate Risks also assisted the corporate sector in developing personal safety plans - particularly as they relate to workplace accidents and/or events that expose the company to prosecution.

The Wellington based Corporate Risks team has been actively assisting the corporate sector since 1997 when the Wellington based company was established. Our Investigators are well-trained and either joined Corporate Risks after distinguished careers in the New Zealand Police, New Zealand Fire Service or have independently studied to ensure that they are suitably qualified for any assignment.

The Corporate Risks expertise extends to computer forensic, data recovery and analysis of CCTV or other electronic data. Our relationships with other experts in our field provided the corporate sector with an unrivaled team of investigation experience.


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